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Red Alert

With logging happening in a remote area of forest in Takayna, we urgently need your help to defend it.

Not everyone can make the journey to Takayna to join the frontline, but your tax-deductible donation will power our defiant, peaceful actions to protect this forest.

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Donation can help fund our weekly banner making sessions, helping to spread the word about protecting Takayna.
Donation 1 can help provide fresh food and other resources needed for our frontline actions.
Donation 2 can help buy wildlife audio recording equipment for our science team to record threatened species.
Donation 3 can help fund a campaign video to amplify our message about the plight of this ancient forest in Takayna.
Donation 4 can help fund a remote activist kit including safety equipment, UHF radios and remote satellite communication.
Donation 5 can help fund the equipment and training needed to sustain this urgent campaign for six weeks.
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